Boneo Discovery Park


Boneo Discovery Park

Boneo Discovery Park & Mini Golf is an outstanding entertainment and eco-tourism complex situated on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria Australia.

Entering Boneo Discovery Park, you could be forgiven for thinking you’ve stepped back to a grander age where leisure was enjoyed at a slower pace and nature’s wild elements reigned free. Like the historical pleasure gardens, visitors can play a round of miniature golf, explore the meandering waterways and canals on pedal boats, get lost in a hedge maze or picnic under tall trees of the games garden. Here in the games garden, with it’s giant chess and children’s hedge maze that guests will also discover the magic of our fully operational vintage carousel (circa 1864).

It is an ideal setting for weddings and photos and the diversity of trees and shrubs will enthrall garden lovers. The softness of the lawns is constantly commented on by  visitors.

The wetlands are home to some endangered species like blue bill, freckled duck and the swamp skink which can be seen sunning themselves on logs on hot days along the boardwalk. Echidnas, wallaby’s and tortoises also live in the swamp, but since they are shy creatures, only a lucky few will see them.

Native fish, eel’s and golden perch, which where introduced by the previous owner, can be seen if you look over the waterways from the boardwalk.

The bird hide was constructed to give visitors an unrestricted view of Lake King. Many species of birds can be seen. It is large enough to accommodate a full classroom of children and would be ideal for art and environmental studies.

International, interstate and local visitors, comments in our visitors book, what a great complex it is. We trust that you have a great day while visiting Boneo Discovery Park and Wetlands Centre and visit us in the near future.

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