Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Park


Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Park

Winner of the Victorian Tourism Awards in Ecotourism, Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Park invites you to wander through 10 hectares of bushland, meeting endangered species, feeding kangaroos and wallabies in the wild, cuddling koalas and enjoying hands-on encounters with friendly sugar gliders, pythons and dingoes.

Inspired by the work of famous British conservationist Gerald Durrell, Moonlit Sanctuary is now home to 60 Australian species. Many, including about 80 kangaroos and wallabies, are free to roam through the bush and give visitors a rare natural encounter.

Others are housed in large natural enclosures, including endangered creatures such as the strange-looking bush thick-knees bird whose call hadn’t been heard on the Mornington Peninsula for more than 60 years.

Red bellied pademelons, southern bettongs and spot-tailed quolls, endangered fluffy gliders, squirrel gliders and Tasmanian Devils are also protected at Moonlit Sanctuary, which has received the Sustainable Cities award for Preservation of the Environment.

Colourful parrots abound, waterbirds are at home in extensive wetlands and visitors can sample the flourishing bush foods garden.

At night, Moonlit Sanctuary comes alive in a remarkable way, with world-famous lantern-lit tours. Owls and other night birds are active, tiny feathertail gliders and beautiful squirrel gliders swoop around, and quolls, pademelons and bettongs forage for food. Visitors are amazed that even animals such as wallabies are much more active and responsive at night.

Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Park ( ) isone of seven top attractions in the Mornington Peninsula’s Attractions Pass, which saves up to 40% on admission and bonuses at four attractions and includes discount offers at three more. The pass costs only $63 for adults (more than $100 full retail value), $45 for children, and can be purchased at or at any participating attraction. Pass holders can upgrade to the lantern-lit evening tour at Moonlit Sanctuary.

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