Tourism Membership

We invite local businesses and organisations to become a member of the Mornington Visitor Information Centre.

Mornington Visitor Information Centre is the tourism arm of the Mornington Community Information and Support Centre Inc. With dedicated tourism trained staff and loyal volunteers, we service the tourist information needs of both locals and visitors.

What We Do
Mornington Visitor Information Centre strives to provide both services to people visiting the Mornington Peninsula and to businesses in the tourism industry based on the Mornington Peninsula. Our bright, breezy and friendly centre with our ‘What’s On’ wall, and our well stocked brochure display racks make our centre a pleasure for visiting tourists. Combined with our comprehensive Mornington Peninsula database and our commitment to efficient and friendly service, we offer a premium 7 day a week tourism information service.

Membership Fees
Naturally, such quality comes at a cost, and we, as a community-based organisation, want to provide this service as cost effectively as possible. The current (2019—2020) annual membership fee for Mornington Visitor Information Centre is $66 (inc GST).

Membership Inclusions

  • Your brochures displayed in our 7 day a week tourist information centre in Main St, Mornington
  • Listing on our Mornington Peninsula database
  • Supervision by a trained tourism coordinator
  • A superior facility for displaying your advertisements
  • Additional display space for your special one off/annual events
  • Custom listing on our Mornington Visitor Information Centre web portal

Please complete the application form below, and an invoice for your membership will be provided to you upon receipt of your application.

Become a Tourism Member

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  • As an authorised representative of the business listed in this form, apply for membership of Mornington Visitor Information Centre and agree to pay the required membership fee of $66 (inc GST) for the 2019 – 2020 12 month period. I have checked the details of my business and approve them for publishing and acknowledge them as correct. I consent to having these details released publicly for the purpose of promoting my business and Mornington Peninsula Tourism in general.

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